Chairkit is the world´s leading supplier for loading conveyors. Only with a Chairkit passengers can be transported safely, easily and simply to all kind of rides, maximum efficiency is guaranteed.We would be happy to bring flow to your rides.

Chairkit is the world`s leading supplier for loading conveyors and has been for over 20 years.


In more than 40 countries, Chairkit ensures smooth loading of your passengers!

+200 Mio.

More than 200 million people are transported safely by Chairkit loading conveyors each year!

Chairkit – austrian quality for the whole world

In 1989, founder Manfred Huber started to develop a system that was intended to guarantee trouble-free loading of chairlifts for winter sport enthusiasts.The first installation was in Tyrol 1989. The company was soon transformed from a pioneer into a market leader and work also commenced apart from winter business on a loading system for amusement rides of all kinds. 2008 Chairkit North America was founded.


Today Chairkit transports people faster, more efficiently and safer than ever before - in the winter on chairlifts, in the summer on amusement rides all over the world. At the same time, Chairkit ensures maximum user ease and safety, while providing a performance-enhancing effect for your installation.

Your advantages

Realizes maximum ride capacity


Smooth & seamless loading for fewer stops


Lowers personnel requirements


Shorter & stress-free lines


A truly safe means of transport


Low annual operating costs


Keeps guests in a good mood


Service and Parts readily available